Terms and Conditions


By installing this app you agree to the following terms and conditions MM is intended for use by road users aged 17 or over By downloading this app you are confirming that you are at least 17 or over. If you are not 17 or over then you may not under any circumstances use this app.

This app is also not intended for use while driving. By using this app you hereby agree not to connect with other road users while driving. You are responsible for safety at all times. Only use this app when safe to do so and always obey all traffic laws.


MM accepts no responsibility for any damage resulting from:

  1. Being able to use this app.
  2. Performance of app.
  3. Conduct of other road users or users of this app.
  4. You assume total responsibility for use of this app.


Do not use this app for the following purposes :

  1. Interfere with or hinder the operation of app for other users or use this app in any way other than mm intended use.
  2. Extracting data from other users of this app outwith mm intended use.
  3. By using this app you agree not to compromise the security features of this app.
  4. Do not use this app for any purpose that is illegal or beyond the scope of this apps intended use or which is prohibited within these terms.
  5. By using this app you also agree to I tunes terms of service.